iRocket’s 100% reusable Shockwave launch vehicle is the perfect solution for small to medium-sized payloads.

iRocket’s Shockwave launch vehicle

  • Designed for minimal refurbishment between flights
  • Rapid turnaround, flight ready vehicles in 24 hours
  • Direct access to LEO, SSO, GTO, TLI or other orbits
  • Autonomous precision landing back to launch site
  • iRocket’s patented reusable engine technology will allow us to Recondition, Reload, and Relaunch™ our rockets synonymous with how we use airplanes today for multiple daily flights in under 24 hrs.

Fully Reusable 1st Stage

  • 9x LOX/Methane engines
  • Secret sauce allows landing with all thrusters on to enable safe and stable landing during descent
  • 100% reusable fairings attached to the booster stage
  • Return to launch site

Anywhere on earth in 60 minutes or less

Fully Reusable 2nd Stage

  • Space shuttle derived ceramic heat shield
  • Flaps for flight control during re-entry
  • Robust landing system
  • Autonomous precision landing back to launch site from orbit