Breakthrough in reusable rocket engine technology

iRocket is building the world's first 100% reusable rocket engine with a setup focused for reusability from the beginning, including high performance and long life.

iRocket has tested the landing mode with stable flow and operation with engine throttled to 16% power level

Landing mode tested

iRocket's state-of-the-art reusable engine being integrated into a cryogenic test stand

Our cutting-edge technology is setting the standard for sustainable and efficient launches. Join us on our mission to revolutionize the rocket industry and make space accessible for all

iRocket Engine’s 3 Modes of Operation

Thrust augmentation mode.

Used at sea level, when more thrust is required for the liftoff. iRocket demonstrated 50% thrust increase compared to a traditional engine setup

Non-thrust augmentation mode.

Used at higher altitudes, when less thrust but more Isp is reqruied.

Landing mode

iRocket demonstrated stable flow and operation with engine throttled to 16% power level.

The open expander cycle allows for reliability 2.0, allowing the same rocket to be flown 100+ times

3D printing boosts us with reliability and durability.


With the advancement of 3D printing, it offers us the ability to print complex geometries and reduce part count and lead times. 


Being on the leading edge, we can quickly and efficiently manufacture high-performance components, driving the future of space transportation.