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    The future of fast, time-definite delivery, space-enabled transport point-to-point delivery around the globe within an hour

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Our partners are

iRocket’s engine with proprietary technology produces 50% more thrust using the cleanest propellants LOX/Methane. We demonstrated 3 modes: Augmented, Unaugmneted, and Landing mode. It will be the world’s first fully reusable eco-friendly rocket engine.

A heat shield with high reliability

Every launch company expands its upper stage. iRocket’s innovative heat shield and proprietary landing engine technology enables rapid landing and relaunch

We transport Satellites for

Earth Observation

Electro optical and radar observation of the Earth


Internet of Things (“ IoT ”) and data collection applications

Defense & Security

Space surveillance, tracking, and electrical intelligence


Planetary science, astronomy, astrophysics and solar terrestrial interactions

Space Logistics

In orbit service / manufacturing, debris removal and last mile logistics

Anywhere on earth in 60 minutes or less


Launch vehicles are the future of space logistics, but how can it be done more sustainably?

Introducing Shockwave

Since 2018, iRocket has been building the first fully autonomous, and fully reusable small launch vehicle for rapid deployment and affordable access to space within 24 hours.

  • 125 feet tall
  • 9 feet in diameter
  • 1,500kg payload mass to LEO

Sustainability to us means using eco-friendly fuel to safeguard our planet


Our investors are

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Media Highlights


June 3, 2024. iRocket CEO Asad Malik featured in SSPI’s Better Satellite World Podcast: The Promise, Episode 5 – Looking to the Future with 20 Under 35 Honorees


November 6, 2023. iRocket Names Industry Veteran, Kelyn Brannon, as New Chief Financial Officer


August 2, 2023. iRocket Signs Development Agreement with AFRL to Use High Thrust Facility


August 2, 2023. iRocket Partners with the AFRL on its Reusable Launch Vehicle


August 2, 2023. Startup iRocket signs agreement to develop and test hardware at U.S. Air Force facility.


June 30, 2023. iRocket Wins AFWERX Funding for Reusable Rocket Engine Development


June 28, 2023. Startup iRocket wins Space Force contract to demonstrate rocket engine


March 17, 2023. Space: A Market Map