Lowest cost access, rapid deployment, and dedicated launch to space

Founded in 2018, Innovative Rocket Technologies Inc. is revolutionizing the space industry as the first fully autonomous and 100% reusable rocket manufacturer. iRocket is building the world’s first reusable rocket engines with a setup focused on reusability from the beginning, including high performance and long life.


We will Recondition, Reload, and Relaunch™ our rockets synonymous with how we use airplanes today for multiple daily flights in under 24 hrs. achieving reusability 2.0. Utilizing cutting-edge 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology, we’re dedicated to providing reliable and rapid access to space at a low cost. Our innovative design addresses the inefficiencies in the industry, while our proprietary reusable engine technology positions us as the leading small launch service provider. Join us on our journey space.


“iRocket closes the “digital divide” by transporting small satellite payloads to low earth orbit (LEO) for the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G high-speed internet, online education, biotech research, and National security satellite customers.” – Asad Malik, Founder & CEO.