• Karen Utz, Regional Director, Western New York at Empire State Development
  • Adam Maher, CEO, Ursa Space, and 2011 SSPI Promise Award Recipient
  • Asad Malik, CEO,  iRocket, and 2023 20 Under 35 Honoree
  • Patrick Chase & Evan Learner, Cofounders, Empire Space
  • Gregory C. Ray, Sr. Director, New York Consortium for Space Technology Innovation & Development

RRE Ventures’ 2017 investment in Ursa Space, an Ithaca, a New York-based analytics as a service company, seeded the idea that the commercial space industry and its burgeoning need for services might trigger the recovery of once-mighty industrial regions and states. As start-ups flourished and billions of dollars in investment capital and government funding flowed into the industry a point of no-return has been reached.

Washington State, Florida and Colorado were poised and ready to capture the flow. SSPI then asked a question similar to one Jeff Bezos was asking, “Could the commercial space and satellite industry revive entire sectors, where the Earth’s industrial hubs once thrived?” Can it revive the sagging or eviscerated industry base in places like Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and a major source for much of the world’s private capital formation, New York?

What has happened in the “Empire State” of New York since the last time we asked this question? Has the State, despite all of its talent, financial prowess and history as an engine of the future failed yet again to capitalize on the continued growth of the sector?

What is the New York State of mind when it comes to commercial space? Who is investing and where? Are places like Buffalo and Schenectady and Rochester feeling the bounce? Or about to?

The December Roundtable discusses this with investors, government and New York businesses when we ask, “Is New York state space investment ready?”

The Roundtable will have a special report from Empire Space along with its monthly “Significant Digits” report from the writers at SpaceNews Magazine.

 A special feature this month: the New York Minute will be in Tonawanda, NY, once an industrial powerhouse, with a start-up company to give you feet on the street.

Join us for what will be another “real” conversation.

Space & Satellite Professionals International | NYSBR Dec 2023: Commercial Space & Tonawanda, New York (sspi.org)

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