Founded in 2018, Innovative Rocket Technologies Inc. (iRocket), is proud to be the first fully autonomous, Reusable Small Launch vehicle manufacturer, utilizing 3D printing and additive manufacturing. With an innovative design, our focus is on reliability and rapid low-cost access to space. We are ready to pave the way for innovations in the space industry by addressing the various inefficiencies that currently exist. With our proprietary reusable engine technology, iRocket is well-equipped to be the small launch service provider of choice. We hope you'll join our journey in revolutionizing rocketry into the 21st century.

shockwave on mobile launch pad

We have eliminated the need for expensive launch sites for our 300 kg Shockwave vehicle with a mobile launch platform.

"iRocket is on a mission to help end the 'digital divide' by delivering high speed internet satellites to LEO, carry experiments for biotech companies that are conducting cancer research in microgravity, support IoT constellation customers, and National Security Missions." – Asad Malik, CEO